Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic Gymnastics is a contemporary gymnastics discipline, along with artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics and gymnastics for all (G4A). All of these disciplines are under the responsibility of International Gymnastics Federation FIG, fuounded 1881, now located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

FIG Code of points, particular rules for every gymnastics discipline (AER Code of Points 2009/2012 for Aerobic Gymnastics), are accepted by European Gymnastics Union UEG as well.


Our Club has years of experience under the FIG system, taking part in domestic as well as official FIG international competitions, developing all segments of our gymnastics discipline: work with young athletes, age categories formation, adequate sellection, monitoring and controle of developmental processes, health aspects, as well as international cooperation with special attention to quality trends and permanent education. Another aspect is also the development of judges which take part in domestic and international competitions.

After one of our competitions:


Competition Categories


According to Number of Competitors
Individual - IM (for men) and IW (for women)
Mixed Pair
Trio - 3 competitors (3 women, 3 men or any combination)
Group - 6 competitors (6 women, 3 men or any combination)
Aerobic DANCE - 8 competitors (6 women, 3 men or any combination)
Aerobic STEP - 8 competitors (6 women, 3 men or any combination)
According to Age
National Development (11 years of age and less)
AG 1 (12 – 14)
AG 2 (15 – 17)
Seniors (18+)

Aerobic Movement Patterns

Combinations of basic aerobic steps together with arm movements: all
performed to music, to create dynamic, rhythmic and continuous sequences of
high and low impact movements.
Routines should provide a high level of intensity.

FIG AER Code of Points 2013-2016


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