Team Aerobics

TEAM AEROBICS is a sports activity that uses movements characteristic for ''high'' and ''low'' aerobic, in combination with excercises for the general body development as well as development of speciffic muscle groups.
The accent in choreography is on:
  • synchronization
  • variety
  • harmony
  • high level of coordination
  • musicality
  • facial expression without exaggeration
  • showmanship and charisma
There are restriction in the use of complex and intensive flexibility and strenghth elements comparing to those in Aerobic Gymnastics.

Dynamic development of Aerobic Gymnastics, additionally accelerated by the changes brought about with the new Code of Points 2013 - 2016 and creation of two new categories of Aerobic Gymnastics: Aerobic Dance and Aerobic Step, approved our approach to work on and with the intermidiate level as Team Aerobics that has positive impact on overall health through physical activity, simulataneously serving as potential basis for recruting future competitors in Aerobic Gymnastics or other gymnastics disciplines.


We had been working on a common approach according to the European Gymnastics Federation's Aerobic Gymnastics Technical Committee's (UEG AER TC) recommendations, developed the inremediate program which has now been reshaped and is being developed as National B Program - Team Aerobics.
We created the Code for this program that is now being used by Gymnastics Federations of Vojvodina and Serbia.






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