Gaudium and FSPE, University of Novi Sad


Cooperation on Development and Affirmation of Aerobic Gymnastics


Forms of cooperation:
  • Education and permanent expert development of Aerobic Gymnastics 
  • Diagnostics and follow-up in selection of competitors
  • Cooperative participation in research-based projects
  • Creating the basic infrastructure and further developing the material and technical conditions necessary for aerobic gymnastics and optimally using them in the training process  
  • Exchange of information, publications, literature and other forms of expert data
  • Engagement in the curricular process through lectures and exercises given to the students of the faculty of sports and physical education
  • Other forms of cooperation of interest to both sides of the agreement     
Ways of cooperation:
  • Scheduled meetings of the Club and Faculty representatives
  • Seminars, courses, lectures, panels and round table discussions
  • Realization of joint projects
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