Developmental and Corrective Gymnastics

The basic tasks of the developmental and corrective gymnastics programe are:

  • correct musculosceletal development
  • musculosceletal developmental deformities prevention in children
  • correction of already developed deformities and prevention of their progression


Therapeutic effects of physical activity to locomotor system:


  • increase in muscular strength and power
  • locomotor system osteo-articular and tendon segments strengthening
  • posture forming and development
  • increase in articular range of motion
  • improved circulation and acceleration of local metabolism, as well as global recovery process
  • speeding-up of regeneration and reparation processes
  • impared nerves function restoration
  • muscular shortening and contracture prevention/correction
  • creation of correct scheme of movements and global motoric activity
  • improvement in coordination
  • building up of certain groups of muscles into harmonious global shape
  • reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue




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